Panfish, Walleye, Trout and all major gamefish fall for the new VMC pre-rigged jigs year-round — not just through the ice.

Nymph, Wingding, Boot Tail, Curl Tail and Flap Tail jigs come in sizes perfect for all-season applications: 1/16 ounce (with a size 4 hook) and 1/32 ounce (size 6 hook). Each jig features a Power Gap hook and 90-degree hook eye.

Each is available in two natural colors — Crappie Minnow and Mayfly — and six Ultra Glow patterns: Glow, Green Orange Glow, Orange Chartreuse Glow, Pink Chartreuse Glow, Glow Chartreuse and Glow Red. Ultra Glow colors will glow for as long as 15 minutes after charging.

Nymph Jig

Pre-rigged with a Trigger X Nymph soft bait (also sold separately), a VMC Nymph Jig resembles the small aquatic insects that fish feed on year-round.

“The Nymph works really well as a primary panfish presentation and a finesse walleye offering,” says VMC pro-staffer Joel Nelson, a regular on the “In-Depth Outdoors” TV show on Fox Sports North.

Boot Tail Minnow Jig

VMC’s Boot Tail Minnow Jig comes pre-rigged with a Trigger X Boot Tail Minnow soft bait (also sold separately).

Featuring a long, micro-thin midsection terminating in its signature boot-shaped tail paddle, the Boot Tail Minnow swims with a light and subtle vibrating action.

Curl Tail Minnow Jig

VMC Curl Tail Jigs come pre-rigged with a Trigger X Curl Tail Minnow (also sold separately).

The Trigger X Curl Tail features a long, micro-thin curly tail, which swims with a light and subtle, twirling vibration.

Flap Tail Jig

The Flap Tail Jig is pre-rigged with a Trigger X Flap Tail Grub (also sold separately), which features a thin-profile, beaver-like tail that creates a flapping action similar to a leech. Split the tail to mimic the swimming action of a wounded minnow.

“You get a lot of action with minimal effort when jigging the Flap Tail Jig and Grub,” says Nelson

Suggested retail price: $2.99 per pack (All pre-rigged VMC jigs come in packs of two)


Bob Ringer
(612) 375-8548

Image courtesy VMC

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