The hunting gear is all loaded in the truck, Doug’s TenPoint Venom Crossbow is safely packed and the GPS is set for due north, the North Woods of Maine. Doug’s plan is to hunt the area near Mount Katahdin, the highest mountain in Maine, known for its heavy concentration of Black Bears in dense fir forest.

The shooting lane has been cleared of brush, there are signs of scat nearby, and now the waiting begins. Tune in to see if Doug’s quarry will make an afternoon appearance and find itself in the crosshairs of Doug’s Leupold DeltaPoint 2 sight.

“The times that I’ve come to Maine have never disappointed me, whether it’s spent talking to the guides learning about habitat management or experiencing a close encounter with a black bear, it’s all part of the total experience I enjoy.” said Koenig.

Doug Koenig’s Championship Season has returned to the Pursuit Channel for its third year. Each week, Doug delivers hunting and shooting tips whether he’s stalking big game, a fair chase hunting adventure or preparing to compete at a world-class level match. Doug’s success and dedication to the shooting sports is captured along with his passion as an avid hunter. Come along to share the excitement with your entire family to ensure your day afield is memorable. To learn more about Doug’s career, visit

Doug Koenig’s Championship Season can be viewed on Pursuit Channel. You can also view the show online.

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5 thoughts on “Doug Koenig Championship Season Presents Maine Black Bear

  1. Its a great time to be showcasing the positives of black bear hunting in Maine. Thanks for coming North and showing all those without the knowledge just how much hard work and fair chase is put into a hunt like this. Mainers VOTE NO on 1!!!! Keep our heritage alive!!!!

    1. I see a man in camo in a box blind with a crossbow, if a crossbow is legal in Maine whats your beef?
      Ohh wait are you one of those elitist compound bow hunters that believes your way is the only way to hunt?
      I can remember when there were elitist longbow or recurve bow hunters complaining that compound bows were going to ruin the sport. didnt happen!
      Or maybe you have a different beef, lets hear it? But i doubt it has much merit.

      1. Calm down, James…it doesn’t matter how I hunt or even IF I hunt…this is NOT ‘fair chase’…just because it’s legal doesn’t make it fair…

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