You worked hard planting just the right mix of grains, beans and greens to keep a wild bunch of whitetails happy and healthy, and now it’s hunting season and your chance to harvest the benefits of your planning and labor. Up your odds significantly by incorporating Advantage Hunting Blinds into your food plot game plan.

With Advantage Blinds, a hunter can mask movement and scent, which will dramatically tip the odds in the hunter’s favor while he or she comfortably waits for a shot on that lush food plot. Advantage Blinds can be hunted from an elevated position or from the ground. This gives a food plot hunter the ultimate versatility to hunt from the best possible location for the conditions on that day.

Deer, especially mature bucks, become conditioned to avoid permanent shooting houses located on green fields. Hunt from an Advantage Blind on the other end of a food plot away from a permanent stand, and you might become reacquainted with your taxidermist!

Both the Deluxe and Whitetail blinds feature a heavy-duty Polyethylene shell and interior with carpeted, 3 quarter-inch pressure-treated plywood floor. The blinds are available in a 2 and 4-person design with plenty of elbow (and bow-limb) room. Large, hinged polycarbonate windows flip up and out of the way-great for gun or bowhunters.

The Deluxe Blind is also equipped with a patented scent-proof design, which operates much like a chimney. It drafts the hunters’ scent up and out of an exhaust pipe more than 30 feet above the ground.

Advantage Blinds can remain on the ground or be elevated, depending on the hunter’s preference and setup. One thing is certain if you want to taste the sweet success of hunting over a food plot, Advantage Blinds provide the means.


Image courtesy Advantage Blinds

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