Crimson Trace, America’s recognized leading brand of green and red laser sighting systems and tactical white lights for firearms, now offers numerous reasons to be excited about the company’s many innovative products. Here are the reasons by numbers:

  • More than 2 million Crimson Trace products have been sold and shipped since the company was founded more than two decades ago.
  • The number of products the company offers to self-defenders, home protectors, concealed carriers, hunters and gun owners across America—nearly 200.
  • The number of product lines Crimson Trace provides to gun owners is seven, including: the Master Series® for 1911 pistols, Lasergrips® with Instinctive Activation™, Laserguard®, Lightguard™ with powerful LED white lights, plus the Rail Master®, Modular Vertical Foregrips (MVF®)  and the Defender Series®.
  • The number of employees at the Wilsonville, Oregon Crimson Trace headquarters is more than 120. The company has had two presidents to date: Founder Lew Danielson and the current President and CEO, Lane Tobiassen.
  • Number of Facebook likes Crimson Trace has on its page totals more than 120,000.
  • The company is introducing nearly 20 new products this year, including the CMR-206 green Rail Master, the LG-489 green laser for the S&W Shield and the LG-454G green Lasergrips for the S&W Bodyguard.
  • The number of years combined experience that Crimson Trace employees have in the shooting sports industry surpasses 500. All of those employees—100%–are NRA members.
  • The number of firearm manufacturers that offer Crimson Trace laser sights and lights pre-installed on their firearms is more than a half dozen, including Beretta, Bersa, Browning, Kimber, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, and others.
  • Crimson Trace offers more than 170 products with front or rear activation, and many of these are powered up with the company’s popular and patented Instinctive Action. Pick the firearm up, hold it naturally, and the laser is activated. Simple to operate.
  • The popular 1911 pistol can be equipped with nearly 30 different Crimson Trace products, including many models with desired woods and the popular G10.
  • More than 500,000 copies of the Crimson Trace educational DVD, The Laser’s Edge, have been distributed to date. They are available free at gun shops from coast to coast.

Crimson Trace, based in Wilsonville, Oregon, has been engineering and manufacturing green and red laser sights, along with powerful white tactical lights, for consumers, military and law enforcement for more than two decades. Many of these products are covered under the company’s Free Batteries for Life™ program.  For more details, visit or call 800-442-2406.


Crimson Trace, the acknowledged industry leader for laser sighting systems and tactical lighting for firearms, is based in Wilsonville, Oregon. Its award-winning innovations include Lasergrips®, Laserguard® and Lightguard®  –all with Instinctive Activation ™.  The company’s product line also includes the Defender Series® and Rail Master® platforms – all are proudly Made in the USA. More details are available at: or by calling 800-442-2406.

Image courtesy Crimson Trace

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