Turkey hunting is one of the most-traditional forms of hunting that our forefathers participated in – and I love it. Turkey hunting is challenging, exciting, frustrating and rewarding, and you can experience all those emotions in one hunt. This book was designed to meet two needs of the turkey hunter. First, it’s a basic primer of how to begin turkey hunting – what to do, when to do it, what calls to learn, and what tactics to use at different times of the day. The book also tells you how to prevent missing a turkey when you have the opportunity to harvest a gobbler. When you click on the videos, you’ll meet and learn from some of the greatest turkey hunters of our day. Enjoy!

This free book also contains 24 color photos and 16 videos with turkey hunting experts like Harold Knight, Will Primos, Chris Parrish, Eddie Salter, Jim Strelec, Joe Smith, and Jimmy Primos.

To get your free copy of “The Turkey Gobbler Getter Manual” click here: http://johninthewild.com/free-books

Cover image courtesy John E. Phillips

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