Avian-X Top Flight Mallard Duck Decoys (12 Pack)


If you want to create an ultra-realistic decoy spread, complete with mallards that are busy feeding, swimming, resting and preening, then check out Avian-X’s Top Flight Mallard Duck Decoys. The variety of body and head positions, combined with exclusive flocked heads and molded rubberized bodies with long-lasting and lifelike paint schemes, will fool wary late-season birds time and time again.

This pack includes six drakes (one rester, one low-head, one sleeper, one preener, one feeder, one high-head) and six hens (one rester, one swimmer, one sleeper, one preener, one feeder, one high-head). It also comes with a heavy-duty 12-slot decoy bag for ease of storage and transport.

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