It’s time to get back to basics! Odds are this quiz should be a breeze for those of you familiar with firearms, but you may have gone so long without a malfunction that you don’t recognize these problems anymore. On the other hand, new shooters and gun owners should be especially vigilant for these malfunctions: you’re going to run into one sooner or later.

You can learn how to clear these malfunctions here, or the infographic version here.

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10 thoughts on “Quiz: Can You Correctly Identify These Firearm Malfunctions?

    1. Exactly!!! Thank you!
      Not to mention that #10 couldn’t happen on its own. The only way for the situation pictured t occur would be for the stovepiped casing to get caught between the ejection port rim & the new round, which would prevent the bolt from moving into battery & locking. To get the bolt behind the magazine to pick up a new round as pictured, the shooter would have to pull the charging handle to the rear.
      In any event, still not a true double feed.

    2. Nah, the root cause of #2 isn’t really a failure to eject. It’s really a failure to EXTRACT. The extractor never pulled the rim of the cartridge out. You can’t eject the casing if it hasn’t been extracted yet. You can have a failure to eject if somehow you are missing your ejector or it’s out of spec, or the port is obstructed or out of spec, or your casing is burred up or out of spec, or you are moving the gun around very violently and get very unlucky and it doesn’t leave the port at the right angle and gets stuck.

  1. 7 0utta 10….questions were pretty self explanatory along w/ the pics it’s mostly common sense. Stockpile weapons people…& know how to use them cuz it seems we are headed a revolution unless shit miraculously changes & new leadership is put in place….buckle up!!!

  2. I don’t own any weapons but I’d love to own one. Ive been interested in weapons my whole life. First time 7-10 is pretty good in my book.

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