Quiz: Can You Guess the Prices of the World’s Most Expensive Guns?


Buying one of these guns not only requires a large bank account, but also state-of-the-art security and preferably a private museum to hide it. These firearms rake in the big bucks not because of their construction, or because of any fancy engravings, but because of their historical provenance.

Can you guess how much they were sold for at auction? Hint: they’re all big numbers.

Can you imagine using the same shotgun carried by Teddy Roosevelt during his historic Smithsonian expedition in Africa? Or wielding the same gun that put an end to the infamous bandit Jesse James. Some of these firearms earned their cost—and place in history—due to their use in an assassination.

We did leave several other guns off the list since we wanted to focus on historical importance. So take your best crack at this quiz, and if you get stuck, there’s a big hint at the bottom of this article.

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