Just like the fish they chase, anglers come in all different types. Do you yearn for fun and adventure, or are you more of a solitary creature? Are you more comfortable surrounded by friends and family, or would you rather pit your skills against other anglers for fame and fortune? Odds are you already know what kind of fisherman you are, but if you really want to be sure, take our test below and see if your guess was on the mark.

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3 thoughts on “Quiz: What Kind of Angler Are You?

  1. i don’t fish. i take my grand kids and my auxiliary back up grand kids fishing. critter shows, gun shows, appleseed.info, tubing(snow) and anything else that growed ups didn’t want to do. if you think you will fish, well you didn’t take enough kids. also, ground the barbs off the hooks. they learn to keep a taught line and they are a lot easier to remove from yourself.

    ice cream. raz

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