Cameron Hanes’ “Bowhunting Trophy Blacktail” Video Review


On the swirling winds of a wet late season blacktail hunt, I first caught wind of Cameron’s debut video project several months ago. Like many blacktail enthusiasts in the region, I quietly waited patiently. I knew Cam’s dedication to his craft would yield an epic production of DIY hunting for one of North America’s craftiest big game animals.

I recently carved out a solid block to time to mentally escape and join Cameron, his sons, Truett and Tanner, Ron Hofsess, Chad Montgomery and special guests, Larry & Steven Jones for a collection of heart-pounding blacktail hunts here in the Pacific Northwest.

Cameron begins with a compelling back-story of how and why this video came to be, while providing viewers and fans some personal insights into what makes this Oregon native tick – a subject of great interest to many of his followers.

He wastes no time drawing viewers into the blacktail game with a 2007 late season hunt captured during the conception phase of the entire production. He follows this hunt by hammering a stud of a buck in 2008. Heavy-antlered bucks have a way of numbing the sting of nasty November weather, and these hunts are no exception.

2009 was all about those classic cold, dark, and wet days we west coast blacktailers live for. Once again, Cameron and Chad team up to bookend a three-year quest for one unique buck.

Following up on his informative 1999 book, Bowhunting Trophy Blacktail, Cam’s new video is full of practical tips and tactics that will help new and experienced hunters alike. You’ll see firsthand how he locates prime hunting areas and the reasoning behind his treestand selection and placement strategy. Later, Cameron demonstrates his full rattling sequence and explains some of the key nuances that will boost your confidence. And finally, you’ll learn how Cameron approaches big game meat care in the field including the process for quartering and boning a high country wilderness buck.

For all you parents out there, you’ll appreciate the special hunts with Tanner and Truett. With a high degree of ethics and discipline instilled by their father, these two young men have both become successful blacktail hunters and share some incredible memories of their triumphs on film.

Throughout the video, Cameron often reflects on his roots, sharing cold, wet late season hunts with his brother Pete and good friend Chad Montgomery. It’s a deeply meaningful nuance that reveals Cam’s genuine passion for blacktail hunting in western Oregon.

Special guest, Oregon Ducks QB, Nate Costa loves the outdoors but his busy football schedule makes it difficult to get out. Schedules aligned for a quick one-day late season rifle hunt in the steep clear-cut canyons of western Oregon where Nate puts his laser-guided arm to work and connects on a fantastic “first” buck.

If you’ve never felt your knees buckle at the sight of a monster blacktail, get ready! One of the highlights of this video comes in the form of 140+ inches of pure Columbian Blacktail greatness during the rut in broad daylight! If you’ve never seen a Boone & Crockett-class public land blacktail on the hoof, this footage alone is worth the price of admission!

Wrapping up this epic tale of blacktail adventure is a special treat for anyone who has grown up bowhunting in the Pacific Northwest. Bowhunters Hall of Fame(R) inductee, Larry D. Jones and his son Steve Jones join in to share their thrilling hunts for late season bucks.  Larry founded Wilderness Sound Productions in 1981 and is known as one of the true pioneers of calling elk into bow range.  He is also well-known as one of the nation’s top hunting video producers.  His mastery of game calling, wildlife vocalizations, and storytelling through his videography have earned him legendary status throughout the bowhunting industry.  Cameron was very fortunate to have had Larry’s involvement in the editing and production of this fantastic DVD production.

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