Maxx Fusion Fishing Sunglasses


Recently I lost a my favorite pair of sunglasses, my Costa Del Mar Fathoms flew off my head and sank into Lake Erie. So, to hold myself over until I was able to order myself a new pair I went to a local bait shop(Jeff’s Bait &Tackle) that I knew had a ton of sunglasses. There on the counter was some new ones that I hadn’t seen last time I was in. I found a pair on the rack from Maxx that had similar frame that I wore in my Costas. After asking a few questions about them I figured I would give them a try. The pair I went with was the Black Framed Fusion with HDP lenses; the glasses have amber lenses and are polarized. They retail for only $19.95, so I had nothing to lose for giving them a try.

The first time I had these on while fishing was a wade fishing trip for Channel Catfish, and I was impressed with them right away. They had the clearest view into the water I have ever seen from a pair of sunglasses at this price point. The amount of glare they cut was very good also. I was able to make out some pretty small minnows swimming right under the surface over 10 yards away.

The only drawback I have found with them is the frame weight, but I am comparing them with my Fathoms that I lost which are very light frames. The frame itself though seems to be pretty durable and I have yet to break them. In fact I haven’t been treating them too kindly, I have been throwing them around and I have to have any breakage. So if you are in the market for a new pair of sunglasses, that will not break the bank, give these Maxx Fusions a look.



  • High Definition Lens
  • High Definition Clarity
  • Ultra-Light frames
  • Shatterproof Polycarbonate Lens
  • UV 400 – 100% UV Protection
  • No Peripheral Distortion




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