Nikon Omega Muzzleloader Scope Lives up to Hype During Review


It’s almost embarrassing to bring my muzzleloader over to the family firing range these days. All of my cousins and uncles can only shake their heads as I pull out my Thompson Center .50 caliber, which has seen its fair share of dings and scrapes. Sitting atop it is a shiny, gorgeous scope emblazoned with the Nikon logo.

The Nikon Omega 1.65-5×36 is much, much more than a pretty scope, however, and this is actually what has my family in their present condition. You see, we all have always known that there is no good reason to put a high quality scope on your muzzleloader. Why? Well, after just a couple shots, you have to sight them in again, so you might as well throw a scope on there that you don’t mind letting take a beating.

Nikon, however, has changed the name of the game around these parts. After getting this scope in the mail, I have to admit I thought that I’d be wasting it on my black powder season. At first glance, the optics were as clear as any scope I’ve ever owned, and the bullet drop compensator–which is just referred to as the BDC everywhere else you see it referenced–is an innovative design I have only on one other scope I use, which is mounted on my deer rifle.

This scope, I thought, is going to take an unnecessary beating on my muzzleloader instead of being mounted on a nice rifle where it belongs.

But, true to Nikon’s claim that this scope can take a thumping without losing its capabilities, I found out otherwise. This scope was made for muzzleloaders. It feeds off of the challenge of keeping a dead-center shot no matter how many times you fire it.

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