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Today’s review is not on a product, but about a website ( where you can get over 12,000 “Name Brand” hunting products at basically wholesale pricing.

Product Description:

Base Camp Leasing considers itself the “Premier” hunting lease provider in the Midwest. This company markets over 750 hunting leases in twenty-three different states. Base Camp Leasing was founded by owner Steve Meng in 1999 and has grown in leaps and bounds ever since. Base Camp Leasing presently has seventeen agents and is still growing. With a recently updated website the Company is now offering a private “Member’s Only” hunting merchandise store called Gear Camp. With this store Base Camp Leasing can now provide their members with quality places to hunt, and then provide their members the hunting gear they need at almost wholesale pricing. Access to this merchandise store which carries over 12,000 products costs only $19.95 per year. Also, these members get one day advance notice on all new leases along with other great perks.

Thoughts and Comments:

First, I was a little worried that I could not see the pricing unless I became a member of Base Camp’s 8 Point Club for $19.95. Well, after I joined I could see why as the prices are “Fantastic”. I have worked for the past eleven years for possibly the largest sporting goods retailer in the country. I can honestly tell you the pricing at Base Camp’s Gear Camp is better than the employee discount for most of the employees at this retailer. Also, I then compared pricing to another large online retailer who offers a 10% better discount on their already low pricing for a $30 per year membership. Gear Camp at Base Camp Leasing still had better discounts on their products for 33% less per year in membership fees. To top this all off, all the gear at Gear Camp are name brand products from over 420 manufactures.

I have been in the industry a long time and have been on the Pro-Staff of many great companies. Base Camp Leasing now offers a way for any hunter to receive basically the same Pro-Staff pricing as many of the celebrities you see on television. Plus, you can use the equipment you prefer instead of what the manufacturer wants you to push. This, along with the fact Base Camp Leasing can provide you with the same type of properties that the celebrities hunt makes this the best deal going! Go to and sign up today!

Contact Info:

If you want to contact the great people at Base Camp Leasing, or just want to see some more info on their great leases and products go to

I think you will find that Steve Meng and his great team of agents are some of the best people in the industry to deal with, and are always there to help you with anything you need.

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