Rak-Atak: It Attracts ‘Em, You Attack ‘Em!



Today’s product is Wide Spread Feed which is Rak-Atak’s signature product of supplemental feed and minerals made by Gatlin Feed Company out of Bouge Chitto, Mississippi.

Product Description:

The company says that Rak-Atak Wide Spread is mixed from harvested grains, grain by-products, and enhanced with minerals and proteins. The blend of grains and minerals has been tested and proven to produce bigger, healthier racks on consistently fed deer. Wide Spread Feed is so enticing, users report seeing deer feeding within hours of setting it out.

Thoughts and Comments:

This company gives big claims on their feed and mineral supplements, and do you know what, they are all true! I personally have been testing this product starting late last season and the results are impressive. The very first time I spread a bag of the Wide Spread Feed the deer were feeding on it within one hour. How do I know this you ask? I know this because I have been feeding these deer for the past nine months and running a live feed from a game camera at this site the during this whole time. If you would like to see for yourself you can watch this live feed at http://www.manvswhitetail.com/mvw/Raptor_Cam.html.

I now have over twenty bucks and numerous does and fawns feeding on this product at all times. Even after the product has been devoured and gone for over a week all I have to do is put out another bag and the deer are there within thirty minutes. Many times I do not make it up the hill from this feed site and I can turn around and see the deer coming.

This product is great for all year as it provides both supplemental feed and the minerals the deer need year-round. When you first open the bag you can smell why the deer find this product so fast. Also, due to the fact there is very little corn the raccoons do not spend any time devouring your feed, which is great news for hunters that have an abundance of these little critters on their property.

The antler and body size on this test property is better than I have seen in years past. We have more bucks than usual coming in and a larger percent of them are what I consider shooters in my book. I have never been one to believe in the claims of the deer feed industry but this product has completely changed my mind.


  • Highly attractant to deer.
  • Excellent supplemental feed source.
  • Minerals that provide super growth in body and antler mass.
  • Great price per bag.
  • Last longer in the field than many other products.
  • Does not attract many other species of varmints and birds.


  • This product does not have a large distribution system in the northern States at this time but they are working on it.

Contact Info:

If you want to contact the great people at Rak-Atak, or just want to see some more info on their great products go to www.rak-atak.com.

If you are a manufacturer of a great product for the hunting industry, and you would like us to review your product, please contact me at [email protected].

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