In today’s world, it is common for anglers to own and be use many rods in a day’s fishing. One of the biggest problems is that rods get tangled up, hooks get into the carpet of the boat or worse. Many companies have tried to make lure wraps but they where cheap and most were made of nylon and foam. They never really held hooks and you had to spend time unhooking them from the lure wraps.

But recently I came across a company by the name LureSecure. This lure wrap is made from a  planet friendly PE (polyethylene) based materials, rather than PVC materials, which the company says emit toxic compounds and have numerous negative effects on the environment and living organisms. PVC is less expensive but they chose not to use materials and manufacturing processes that could harm your fishing environment in the construction of their products.

Another great thing is that this company choose to also have it made right in the USA instead of outsourcing it overseas.

Lure Secure also uses something called “NANO-VCI” technology. Running down the center of every LureSecure is a strip of Inhibitor corrosion protection material. This premium “NANO-VCI” technology has been field tested in the harshest conditions to protected your hooks and lures from rust and corrosion.

The LureSecure currently comes in three sizes: 9, 11, and 21. The 9 fits baits up to 6.25 inches, size 11 8 inches, and the 21 fits lures or rigs up to 16 inches.

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