Thorough Hands-On for the Hunter Safety System Size 4XL


With archery season beginning here in Missouri, I started to set out my gear. It’s important to ensure you have all of the necessities when preparing for a hunt. I have been archery hunting now for seven years. As most can imagine, I have purchased a lot of different tree stands. Each time I make a purchase I have to figure out how to wear the safety harness that come with each stand. After a few hours or so with each one I often come to realize that none of the harnesses were going to work for me.

Keep in mind that I am not your standard sized guy. Coming in at 6’9″ and weighing nearly 320 pounds can sometimes pose a challenge when trying to find gear that works. I have searched local retailers high and low. Any style of safety harness will do, however whether the equipment is rated for my weight and build is most important. I was approached by two very good friends and mentors and we discussed if I had looked into the Hunter Safety System (HSS). I told them that I had heard about and looked into the HSS, but had never found anything to meet my requirements. Two weeks later I received a call, explaining that I would be receiving a harness in the mail and that I was to put it to the test, the “Big Boy” test. I was told, “Hunter Safety Systems have been around a long time, Travis, and they have saved many lives, big and small, along the way.” I was given the task to tear this product down stitch by stitch and ensure that that it could be trusted, by even the largest sized hunters.

I received the vest and the rope style tree strap, the linesman belt, and an instructional DVD. Now typically I would throw the instructional DVD to the side and mess with the product until I figured it out, but I was going to break this product down on every level. Shortcuts are not a smart choice when it comes to safety, so I popped in the DVD. I recommend to everyone that you watch this DVD. The information is essential, including everything from adjusting the vest to your size, to what to do in the event you fall. I stood in my living room with the vest on and step by step walked through with the instructions, adjusting the vest and familiarizing myself with it.

After watching the DVD I decided to take the vest out in the yard and strap on to the side of a tree and slowly let my weight be held up by the harness. Now of course it was not as comfortable as my favorite lounge chair, but it held with no straining on the vest strap or the tree strap. Once I felt comfortable with the basic set up of the vest it was time to take it to the woods. After filling my pockets with the gear I thought I would need, including release, gloves, mask, grunt calls, doe bleat can, and my two way radio; I noticed that the vest was rather heavy and bulky. Keep in mind that I was trying to eliminate my back pack. The pockets were well placed and very easy to get to, so if a hunter wanted to eliminate a pack they could do so. The vest is equipped with built in binocular straps, which are also very convenient, being as that makes one less thing you have to buy and or carry into the woods. The vest is actually very quiet, minus the easy latch buckles which make some noise when you hit your tree stand. The HSS also has sound dampeners that can slide over the top of your buckles and snaps.

The following part of my trusted review of the Hunter Safety System is for size 4xl. I have searched for many years in attempt to find a harness that would meet the requirements that I expected. Being that I am such a big person, I pay very close attention to each and every detail before I purchase a product just for the fact that I refuse to cheat myself on gear, especially safety gear. But I have found a winner with the Hunter Safety System tree harness. It’s made it possible for even a giant to make it into a tree and be safe.

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