Alpen Optics – Putting it to the Test


I recently had the pleasure to test out the Apex 10×42 Binoculars in Mossy Oak pattern camo and the #742 Spotting Scope Kit from Alpen Optics. I received these in June and since then have put them through the ringer. My goal with these was to test them out in a rugged way.

Apex 10×42 Binoculars

At first glance these binoculars are sleek and elegant. As I pick them up I notice how amazing they feel in my hands. They are so light I can barely feel them in my hands as they form perfectly around my palms and make viewing very comfortable. I notice the eye pieces pop out to adjust to my desired setting. I put them up to my eyes to see crystal clear images reflect back at me. The glass of the Apex is fully multi-coated BAK4 which provides stunning clarity. I even tested them at night to find that they were still clear in dim light. The rubber armoring provides superior protection as I dropped them in water, snow and rocks to find them still working like brand new. I even threw them out of a 20-foot tall tree stand to find them having no issues.

Using the Apex 10×42 Binoculars on wild game is simple and easy as they are quiet, light and quick to adjust giving you plenty of time to focus in. I would recommend you test these out for yourself. They are top notch and rated very high in different publications. Alpen is a company that provides tough, durable and high quality products. This product comes with deluxe travel case and wide comfortable neck strap and also features Alpen’s lifetime warranty.

#742 Spotting Scope Kit from Alpen Optics

I was excited to test out this spotting scope as I could tell it was built very well. I took this scope out to the North 40 Farm (one of our local hunt spots), after playing with it I was able to look across fields with perfect precision. I located a deer herd and was able to hone in on the shooter bucks. I was able to get a close up look at the racks from over 400 yards away. Looking through the Alpen 742 Spotting Scope was like looking at the animal 10 yards away, incredible clarity and perfect focus. This scope kit was nice because you get the case and a tripod to use the scope with. The scope is rubber-covered and has an adjustable collar. The scope is 20-60×60, waterproof and features an extendable sun shade. As with the other product we reviewed we dropped this scope a couple times to find it having no issues. You can mount this scope on your car window for scoping out new hunting spots. Most people don’t realize but you can use this spotting scope for other things such as star gazing, event watching and target shooting as well.

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