I’d like to thank the folks over at Rufus Teague for sending me some of their product to try. First up is their BBQ sauce “A Touch of Heat”.

I gotta tell you – this sauce was an instant hit at my house. I loved it, and my wife went crazy over it. This is a fairly dark, fairly thick sauce. It is very complex, with a bunch of different flavors and notes pinging away at your taste buds, with every bite. Pulled pork was to be the platform for today’s test. As usual, I rubbed my pork butt heavy with a great rub from the guys over at 3 Eyz BBQ the night before, wrapped with cling wrap and left in the fridge. 3 Eyz is a great rub with bold, fresh spices. It makes a great bark and imparts great flavor into the roast.

I use charcoal in my smoker (a mix of lump and briquettes today) and a couple of mesquite chunks. I put the pork in and kept the smoker perking at about 235 all day, until it hit an internal temperature of 190. I foiled and let rest, and then shredded it. I served with Rufus Teague on the side.

This sauce has a lot of tang, some molasses showing through, and a slight citrusy “zing” lurking in there. As advertised, it does indeed have a “Touch of Heat”. My wife likes her sauce HOT; me, not so much. There was enough to make her happy, but not so much heat to kill a pasty ol Canadian like me. This is one of the best sauces I have tried yet, and I highly recommend it.

According to the site,

“Rufus Teague made some sauce. He put some in a jar and shared it with the boys. They kept on painin’ him ’til he fixed up another batch. Next thing he knew, he’s makin sauce all the time. It’s damn good.”

Specific to this sauce, the site says: “Rufus spiced it up a bit with this one. He always said, ‘A touch of heat will let you know it’s there’. Trust me, you’ll know the heat is there hangin’ out with all that delicious sweetness. This one’s special.”

One last thing – they have some cool marketing going on. Bottled in a nifty flask, and Rufus Teague looks like a dude with character. Well done, all around.

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