A while back I purchased a new bow, and at the same time, picked up a new quiver. Several folks had recommended quivers from TightSpot. I use the “fat” arrows, and my previous quiver hadn’t held them well. According to their website here are some features:

  • Better bow balance
  • Dramatically reduced torque
  • Holds arrows tight
  • Kills vibration

The TightSpot is clearly of a high quality. Fit and finish are top notch. Mounting hardware is machined aluminum or something similar. The arrow grips are adjustable, and accommodated my XL arrows well. The instructions are clear and mounting is easy. This quiver lays flat against your bow, and adjusts the cant forward/back to achieve best vibration dampening and feel of the bow on shot.

I am extremely happy with my TightSpot Quiver and do recommend it. Best quiver I have owned. Would like to put another one on my back-up bow!

You can read more about the TightSpot Quiver’s great features here: TightSpot Features

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