I was really impressed with Bushnell’s new Elite Tactical 6-24 x 50 scope. With a 30mm tube and bright optics, the Bushnell Elite Tactical’s light transmission qualities are better than a standard of the competitive shooting community when compared side by side. I really like the turret system. Its positive, large, and easy to operate turrets are zero-able using the supplied allen wrench. The clicks are strong and tactile as well as audible. Eye relief is a paramount issue on a scope meant for tactical use because different positions can create problems if the scope isn’t forgiving and the Elite shines in this department. The parallax adjustment ranges from a very close 25 yards to infinity, allowing use of the scope for very close in precision shooting. The focusing ring on the ocular end is smooth and fast, as is the power adjustment.

At 200 yards the Bushnell Elite Tactical tracked perfectly in a squaring exercise. This is a must in a competition scope.

I would have liked to see more elevation adjustment than the 50 minutes the Elite offers. Long range shooters may need to incorporate a 20 minute inclined scope base but these are easy to find and might not be needed with flatter shooting calibers. The reticule is a second focal plane system and I actually prefer this for most shooting I do since I rarely need range finding capabilities through the scope. There are advantages to small, constant sized crosshairs for precision shooting at high magnification. The Elite has mil-dot hash marks on the reticule that are correct at 12 power which still allows ranging capability. Perhaps a detraction for some, but an advantage for me are the ¼ minute adjustments. I won two 1,000 yard service rifle championships with ½ minute adjustments on my M14 and didn’t feel handicapped. I mounted the scope on a heavy barreled AR15 and it tracked perfectly. Overall this is the best precision scope from Bushnell I’ve ever seen and it’s certainly as good as anything near its price range and a far better value than many scopes currently being used.

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