The Firefly Electronic Wind Detector is unlike any wind meter you have ever used. Employing the most advanced, patent pending, wind flow technology available, the Firefly is extremely sensitive and can measure wind well beyond human perception of wind movement. In just three seconds, over 1,500 wind measurements are taken to determine the absolute wind direction with wind velocities as low as 1” per second. Wind direction is shown with bright red LED lights. Using two AAA batteries the lightweight, handheld Firefly, includes a weather resistant cap and is available with a lanyard and hard or soft shell protective cases. It will fit easily into your pocket or your shell bag.

For all hunters, this is an absolute element of your next hunt. Waterfowlers can use the meter before setting decoys and big game and predator hunters can use this to make sure they are downwind. This is not like a typical wind direction meter that has to have a perceivable wind to be usable. The Firefly can detect the lightest breeze and thermal. The bright LED readout is easy to read in all light conditions and feedback is quick.

Images courtesy David Vaught

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