Motion within your decoy spread has always been paramount to success. We have all been confronted with how best to accomplish movement, both with products that come ready-to-use and how to adapt some of our favorite decoys. I am not the first person to reluctantly exit the layout blind because my motion decoys have blown over in the wind. Enter Rob Watlov’s design with the Decoy Motion Masters system. Offered in nine universal applications to meet the needs of providing motion in duck and goose shells and hollow full-bodied goose decoys, Rob’s system is innovative and built to last.

All of the Decoy Motion Master products include a stable base with two or four cold rolled steel spikes that firmly secure the stand. Wind will not blow these motion masters over. Each stand shaft is softened with rubber to keep the decoy from creating noise as it rocks. Canadian stands have black rubber, while snow and blue goose stands use pink and duck stands use orange rubber to simulate the legs. A spring enhances the movement near the top and all motion master stands are attached with a heavy Velcro pad. High-strength glue is provided to secure the Velcro to the decoy. Once the attachment is secured, the decoy will align easily with the stand and can be separated from the stand for stacking, bagging and transportation. A unique feature is the Decoy Motion Masters do not allow the decoy to rotate 360 degrees. Slight rotation coupled with the spring loaded upper connection gives a natural movement, not an exaggerated and unrealistic movement that can flare birds.

It took me maybe an hour to prepare a dozen shells using Motion Master. All you do is place your finger inside the shell to determine the balance point, mark the point and surround it with the supplied Velcro. Attach the upper component to the Velcro and you are ready to go. Full-bodied decoys might take a little more work if the interior of the decoy is not flat. Even in the case of existing full bodied motion decoys, cutting a hole is worth it once you install the motion master and experience improved motion.

Images courtesy David Vaught

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