Webley & Scott 920J Over/Under Shotgun


The Birdmen started the season off chasing dove, pigeon and early-season honkers around the high desert of Oregon. This is an annual pilgrimage to hunt the resident geese and dove of southern Oregon but also a great way to get ready for the season ahead.

During this hunt we can get the decoys and blinds dusted off, knock the rust off the hunting dogs and start shooting our guns again. The Birdmen always include kids or “future fowlers” on every hunt, and believe it is very important to have a gun that fits them correctly. The new model 920J from Webley & Scott is a perfect example.

This new 20 gauge is built with a 12 5/8” inch trigger pull to ensure a perfect fit for just about any kid. It is also built with an interchangeable stock so it can be easily modified to full-size later in life. The Birdmen team has been field testing these shotguns for the last six months. We began with some trips to the sporting clays range with Hannah (14) and Karen (25) both shooting the new 920J. After a couple of full rounds on the sporting clay range, the girls were shooting well and without a single problem.

The 920J was put to the test again during the opener of dove season for two days. The action was fast and furious, with the kids blasting through boxes of ammo and still not one negative issue. The last test was three goose hunts while lying in the bug dust of the high desert. Consecutive days of hunting with layout blinds can be one of the most brutal situations for a shotgun and we held nothing back. All the Webley & Scott guns were dropped in the dirt, kicked around and very dirty for the three field shoots, and still not one problem with anything.

Both future fowlers that shot the new Webley and Scott 920J this trip had better results due to proper fit and boosted confidence, making for a more enjoyable time in the field. When a gun fits correctly it kicks less, shoots better and makes for much easier handling. Your future fowlers need every advantage they can get and it starts with a proper fitting gun. Check out the new model 920J Webley & Scott at www.webleyandscott.com.

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