The first cold bite of fall stirs in me an anxious waiting for the fall migration and the coming waterfowl season. In over thirty years of waterfowl hunting, I can’t begin to count the times a strap broke on my game carrier only to return home and find out I had lost some of my hard-won table fare. I have been fortunate to have field tested the Hangman duck carrier and it is a product that certainly bears mentioning. The Hangman’s unique design ‘locks’ your birds into the game strap system. Your birds won’t come out of the clips until you are ready to remove them. After using the Hangman for two seasons of waterfowl hunting, I have been amazed with this product.

The Hangman has a unique clip design, and the reinforced neoprene shoulder strap is unlike anything on the market. Every time you clip a goose or duck into one of the Hangman’s nine-inch aluminum clips, they stay there until you return home.

It is also a great way to keep everyone’s birds separated while in the blind, and helps avoid any issues with the game warden. I also use mine for hanging my birds to field dress and pluck the feathers.

The Hangman is advertised to carry over ten ducks and seven geese; during my field review, I put that to the test. I was amazed at the number of birds you can carry in the clips. Last year, while on a field hunt for geese with some friends in central Oklahoma, they loaded fourteen Specks, Canadas, and Snow Geese into one hangman, and it held firm. It was literally hard to pick them up and carry them out of the field. With the average weight of a Canada or Snow being around six-and-a-half pounds, it would be safe to assume there were somewhere around ninety to one hundred pounds of weight on that one Hangman waterfowl carrier.

The Hangman waterfowl carrier was invented by Chris Nook, the President of was the first waterfowl guide search engine and today houses over twenty-five hundred waterfowl guides from across the nation. Chris is an avid waterfowl hunter; we have spent many hours in the field. Chris is a constant thinker, and most of the time he’s thinking about waterfowl hunting or of ways to improve upon gear while in the field or blind.

Images by Andy McDaniels/the Hangman

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4 thoughts on “The Hangman Waterfowl Carrier

  1. I saw these at Mack’s in Arkansas, pretty cool item, I just bought one on-line. Thanks for the review it helped me make up my mind.

  2. These are fantastic tools for the field. As soon as I thought I would never see another duck hunting gadget worth having–here comes a functional, easy to use strap that I’m proud to have four of! Thanks for the tout Andy!

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