The Vapor is the new ILF Riser that Vantage Point Archery (VPA) have released earlier this year. I have been testing, shooting and hunting with it for a few months now and I’m impressed!

Straight off the bat…as with the “benchmark” of broad-heads VPA are producing today, the Vapor is bombproof.

Its built for the serious hunter that values reliability and versatility in their gear.

The Riser is machined from 6061-T6 bar stock aluminum, and is 13″ long. With the versatile ILF to accommodate both recurve and longbow ILF limbs. The limb combinations available can make this bow anywhere from 52″ to 60″ long. I have it at 58″ and draw 29″.

My bow is set up with recurve limbs, built by Jim Belcher of Sky Archery (again another bombproof yet high-performance limb build).

There are a few things I really like, firstly all hardware is stainless steel, which will withstand the worst weather a hunt can throw at you.

Then the grip, which is available from VPA in low, medium, and high. It’s a locator-style grip with a non-slip rubber back, helping keep it warm in cold weather and slip-free in wet or hot, sweaty weather. The locator type ridge feels unusual at first, but I really like it, it’s amazing how consistent your grip is shot after shot, which is key for accuracy.

The bow is very well balanced, dead in the hand and fast! The speed is the first comment everyone makes after shooting it.

I’m shooting it straight off the shelf with an adjustable hard stop. This is just how I like it. But you can put on a rest or plunger–lots of options here, it’s very versatile.

I went ahead and put a TightSpot quiver mounting bracket on there and have the quiver that I can interchange with some of my other bows in seconds.

Below I’m getting it ready for the hunt with Jim on Five Pines, which was great and my first chance to take it hunting properly.

Never did get a crack at a big buck that week, but killed this big doe, with the arrow passing straight through after a nice, tight heart shot. Bow performed flawlessly under the conditions, easy to handle in the stand and in the field. Tuning was a breeze with the adjustable features.

Overall very impressed with this rig and I’m looking forward to putting it through some hard hunting over the next season.

If there are any specifics I’ve missed or questions feel free to ask…there are going to be some happy Vapor shooters out there.

You can find more information about the Vapor here.

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Images courtesy Andy Ivy

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