As a diehard outdoorsman living the dream day in and day out, I use and abuse every bit of equipment I own. Part of that abuse is a result of neglect and being slightly unorganized while on the water. When I am fishing, I am so intent on catching fish everything else takes a back seat, sometimes even eating.

I have been using a product the last six months that is so innovative and easy, it has simply made my time on the water more organized and fun. Instead of throwing all of my tackle throughout the day under my feet and wherever else it lands, only to get stepped on and crushed at some point, my boxes and tackle end up safe and out of the way. What a novel concept!

After I installed one TackleWebs bag in my boat, I had to add another and finally now have five on my fishing boat and one on my duck boat. TackleWebs’ innovative products are simple to install but they fit like they were a custom made storage option. Freshwater boats, skiffs, saltwater, ski boats, duck boats, kayaks, paddle boards and more–these handy storage systems are a must have in any craft.

Crafted out of high quality UV- and marine-rated materials from start to finish, TackleWebs’ suspending storage bags are built to resist the sun, salt, and other harsh elements of the outdoors and the sea. The patented design is lightweight, easily stored, provides secure storage for any items that fit in the bag, and are designed to provide additional safe, secure storage for items onboard a marine vessel and avoid the hazards of items being stored on the deck where they can shift, slide or injure passengers. Installation is fast and easy and TackleWebs offers an installation video on its website.

If you are looking to get a little more organized while on the water this year, check out

I did, and it changed the way I fish.

Image courtesy TackleWebs

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