Good and cheap do not normally go together. From time to time, I do see something that fulfills both categories but good and cheap are a rare combination. This week, I tested a gun that totally fulfilled both attributes and I’m compelled to share the information. I was at a church party last week and a friend asked me to stop by his car on the way out to look at a gun he’d just bought. He told me it was a 1911 in .45 ACP and that it cost $400. Politely, I asked to look at the gun and it appeared nice. He then asked me if I’d take it and shoot it as a favor to him. I did so and got a real surprise.

The Turkish-made Tisas ZIG 1911 looks pretty good on visual inspection. I field stripped the gun and examined the parts. The fit and finish and the machining looked good. The ZIG is a government model clone with tiny, non-adjustable sights and absolutely no extra features. The trigger is reasonable for a government model, neither particularly good or bad.

I reassembled the gun and put a handful of 185-grain round-nosed cast reloads in my pocket. I shot the ZIG at 10 yards, two handed, unsupported. The first three shots went into a slightly oversized hole. I had a flyer and then put all but the last shot into an ever-growing hole where the first three shots had gone. The tenth shot was also a flyer but the extreme spread was 1.21 inches. I have no idea what the capability of the gun is, but 1.2 inches is probably my wobble area.

The ZIG functioned perfectly through those shots and the trigger was consistent for every shot, breaking at a fairly clean six pounds with more backlash than I would like, but not bad at all for a service gun. I then got out an Uncle Mike’s Holster, blacked the sights, and loaded up the magazines, again with the 185-grain round-nosed cast bullets over 4.4 grains of Clays. I shot the plates at ten yards only and scored a 41 of 48 plates, probably using more time than the allowed six seconds. I experienced one malfunction in the form of a round that needed a bump on the slide to get it to drop into battery, but remember that I was shooting light cast bullet loads in a gun designed for hardball. I later ran 50 rounds of hardball through the gun without a hitch.

I have no idea if this is a typical ZIG 1911, but if it is, this gun is a winner. With a price tag just at four C notes and accuracy as good as guns that cost twice (and sometimes three times) the price, this gun is a bargain. This isn’t a plate gun or and has no enhancements or frills that make it easier to shoot, carry, or run fast. It is a bare bones service pistol that shoots well right out of the box and for $400, that is remarkable.

Image by Cherie Jones

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10 thoughts on “Tisas ZIG 1911 Pistol

    1. I believe it’s imported by IAC(same as Regent,Citadel).Bud’s Gunshop is probably one of the biggest and least expensive retailers currently.

  1. You republicans are something else.
    “Hey, after the preacher tells us all about that love your neighbor crap, let me give you a gun to test for me. I want to get your thoughts on its suitability for neighborhood watch duty, or as we call it now, trayvoning.”

    Lets all sing together now!!!!

    ” Jesus loves the little children, …………”

    1. You’re an idiot. In no way am I religious but I’ll let you in on something. Police show up after the crime not during. And trayvon was not the saint the media chalked him up to be. He was a bully drug abuser in a neighborhood causing problems for the people that live there. Police would never do anything about the problems there so someone foolishly took it into his own hands. He didn’t just corner trayvon and shoot him either, trayvon put a beating on him first being a trained mma fighter as that is the current fad. You see what the media wants and they know that you’ll believe whatever’s on that screen. Try thinking for yourself. Common sense my a$$. It’s your responsibility to protect yourself and loved ones.

  2. 1 malfunction in 108 rounds using the wrong ammunition, that’s nobody’s fault but yours and the Zig 1911 deserves 5 stars for chewing up the first 107 without a complaint..

  3. I saw Hickok45 reviewing a cheap 1911. Decided to buy the a Tisa zig 1911 in 9mm. Did two upgrades; which didn’t need. Bigger sights and shorter trigger from Brownells. It was a good decision. Shoots pretty good for a cheap 1911. I shoot targets, bowling pins and steel. It has digested every type of ammo I can find out there. Just keep it lubricate; I use Wilson Combat oil.

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