Taking you four-legged companion out hunting makes the experience of spending time in the great outdoors that much more enjoyable. If you like to take your dog duck hunting with you, you know that a good dog blind is a Must Have. The Mutt Hut Blind II from Final Approach is a durable blind that is easy to set up and will effectively conceal your companion.

One of my favorite features of the Mutt Hut II is how easy it is to deploy. Unfold it, stake it down with the included stakes, and you are ready to hunt.

A problem with some other dog blinds is that they have a box shape to them. I have seen many dogs squirm out of the blind about halfway so they can actually see what’s going on around them. This almost defeats the purpose of the blind, as the dog is exposed to the ducks and the elements. The Mutt Hut II is designed to allow the dog to sit naturally in the seated position and see almost 360 degrees for better viewing and downed bird marking.

One minor drawback of the design is that in order to allow the dog to sit up, the blind has a slightly higher profile than other blinds. The bind has a max height of 20 inches. If the profile is a problem, you can always dig out some dirt and set the blind in a shallow hole.

There are some complaints online about the blind being too small for big labs, and other people say it works just fine for their big dogs. I hunt with a spaniel so he has plenty of room, but you may want to test fit your dog before taking it into the field.

The blind comes in Mossy Oak Duck Blind and Realtree Max-4 HD. It also has lots of stubble straps to brush in the blind. Depending on the size of your layout blind, you can potentially carry the Mutt Hut II in it.

Overall I have been pleased with this blind. I like how it easily sets up and the design of it. I have used it several times for training and I’m looking forward to using it this fall in our corn fields shooting a few green heads. Learn more about the Mutt Hutt II in our video review below.

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