S4Gear LockDown Binocular Harness


I would really like to thank the folks from S4Gear for getting me the LockDown bino harness to try out. Binoculars seem to be more and more prevalent as hunting styles evolve and hunters compete for game and huntable habitat. Especially here in the West, binos are a must and long days afield traipsing up and down hills can lead to a sore neck, inaccessible glass, or damaged optics with the wrong harness. Make no mistake, the strap that usually comes with your binoculars is far from the optimal rig to carry your binos. If you are going to pay good money for decent optics, please invest in a decent harness. You won’t regret it.

The LockDown will be the third bino harness I have tried, and probably the best one to date. The other two were good, but this one is a bit different and has all the features I want in a harness. It is well-constructed, simple, and durable.

With the LockDown, my binos are held very comfortably on my chest, with no bounce, no neck or shoulder fatigue. The binos are held snugly but not too tight. They come up to your eyes with ease. There’s not a bunch of straps and doodads to struggle with. The yoke-like shoulder system is very comfortable. A molded aluminum top piece protects the top of your binos, while allowing air around your optics. A totally enclosed harness system tends to make your chest hot, and your glass foggy. I’ve worn this harness in the rain, in the snow, in the deserts, on hikes, and bouncing around on quads. The harness always performed flawlessly.

Stretchy side-straps hold the binos securely and adjustable shock cords allow you to effortlessly get the glass up to your eyes quickly and without tension. Seriously, this harness is rugged, light, well-thought-out, and it works very well. It is now my mainstay in the field. I’d highly recommend this system to anyone looking for an optimal harness system at a fair price. Two sizes are available:

  • The standard LockDown for optics six to 7.5 inches in length
  • The LockDown Micro for optics 4.5 to six inches in length

They are available in Black or Realtree APG camo.

These go for about 45 bucks and are well worth the cost. S4Gear also has a newer version known as the LockDownX harness. Instead of the Y-shaped yoke and two horizontal side straps, the LockdownX features an X-shaped harness on your back and secure the harness lower down using the bottom half of the “X”. S4Gear claims the LockdownX model is “Extra Comfortable, Extra Breathable, Extra Light, Extra Quiet.” You can view that model here.

Seriously, to see these cool bino harnesses and a bunch of other great gear, visit S4 Gear Products

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