Lucky Duck Pro Series Drake Rapid Flyer Combo


If you have not seen the Lucky Duck Rapid Flyer in action, I have to tell you there is nothing more innovative than these dekes on the market. The new Pro Series has even more features, including variable speed wings and a fully-flocked body, carry bag, and remote control. These benefits make this an incredible motion product that has to be included in your spread to optimize your success.

Pro Series features

  • Full-size, fully-flocked body: provides realistic movement, color, and attraction with no glare
  • Factory installed remote with on/off and programmable intermittent timer
  • 100-yard-plus remote range
  • Extremely quick and durable wing attachments
  • 42-inch mounting stake
  • The provided heavy-duty Cordura bag/backpack easily handles and protects your prized Pro Series Decoy, wings, batteries, charger, and stakes
  • Six-volt rechargeable dry cell battery with smart charger
  • Variable speed control
  • Four to six hours of battery life

The wings on the Rapid Flyer are an outstanding example of engineering something that works with simple movement and actuates the wing in a realistic manner.

The included bag stores your decoys safely and securely.
The included bag stores your decoys safely and securely.

The Rapid Flyer is a versatile complement to Lucky Duck spinning wings because it is a proven bird finisher. Those tough days when birds are weary or just won’t come in tight to the decoys, you’ll find the Rapid Flyer is your key to success.  Add this product to your decoy spread and I guarantee you a great season.

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