Pro Hunter Waterproof Gloves by Glacier Glove


If you’re an all-four-seasons angler like me, enduring days on the water accompanied by cold biting winds and driving rain, then you’ll be interested in my recent cold-weather glove discovery.

Earlier this year, I began a campaign with the goal of landing a mid-double or, if the Gods were to smile on me, mammoth ferox trout, a rare and difficult fish to target by any standard. Ferox fishing is a branch of our sport like no other, made remarkable by the fact that the ferox hunter knowingly goes fishing with the near certainty that he will endure multiple fish-less days featuring relentless trolling, usually in wet, cold, and windy conditions.

As seasoned campaigners, we have learnt the hard way how to keep warm and dry by layering warm insulating layers of clothes under a waterproof Gore-Tex-type shell jacket and bib. The same can be said for our feet.  We now have available to us insulated, waterproof boots that allow us to fish all day under whatever conditions Mother Nature decides to push our way! Our feet remain toasty and we can fish effectively.

Although my hands are fairly tough, they are the weakest link in my defenses against the hardships of cold-weather fishing—numb fingers that develop that trademark burning sensation when they eventual begin thawing out. At the start of past winters, I would buy numerous so-called “waterproof” gloves, always in hope rather than expectation that here finally was the answer to my perennial fishing hardships. Each pair was thoroughly tested and eventually discarded due to their lack of that necessary combination: warmth and waterproofing.

The Pro Hunter Gloves will keep your hands warm and dry in rough conditions like these.
The Pro Hunter Gloves will keep your hands warm and dry in rough conditions like these.

Not any more! I now have the answer to my cold, wet hands in the form of a pair of Pro Hunter neoprene gloves by Glacier Glove. These pre-curved, two-millimeter-thick gloves are lined with soft fleece, insulated, and 100 percent waterproof. The gloves are pre-formed in a way that looks akin to a robot’s hand!  In fact, they’re so “extraterrestrial” that I can visualize a bewildered, space ship-wrecked Martian coming across a bunch of Pyramid Lake ladder fishermen and communicating in a monotone metallic voice “take me to your leader!”

The pre-formed curves on these wonderful gloves are an excellent feature. They allow for seamless joints between the palm and fingers that make them comfortable, and facilitate great dexterity when performing mundane-yet-crucial tasks like operating the sonar, opening snaps, tying on a fly, mounting deadbaits on fiddly treble hook rigs, and the like.

I have worn my Pro Hunter gloves in the worst weather conditions I have experienced this past spring. Cold, sheeting rain and gale force winds coming in from the frigid Atlantic Ocean were the order of the day during those 10-hour fishing sessions, and my hands remained toasty and dry. Gone forever are those endurance-fishing days of frozen hands which render the simple things like steering on the tiller and changing lure a bloody nightmare!

I thoroughly recommend these game-changing Pro Hunter Gloves from Glacier Glove to all of you hardy bucks who year-in, year-out go through the discomfort and hardship of frozen wet hands while trying to fish effectively during those trying days on the water.

They retail for about 40 bucks—the best 40 bucks you will ever spend on your hands.

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