Whether you are flipping heavy vegetation, drop-shotting in 40 feet of water, or just sitting on the dock bobber fishing with your kids, having high-quality polarized eyewear is extremely important. The new Static model from Wiley X is ideal in any situation. They are like a UV-ray blocking, glare reducing, impact-resistant force field for your eyeballs.

Wiley X is one of the world’s top manufactures of high-quality, multi-functional eyewear. They are extremely proud of the fact that they are a family and US-veteran founded company that has been in business for over two decades. Wiley X designs eyewear for the military, law enforcement, outdoorsmen, motorcycle riders, and anyone else needing superior eye protection with a touch of style. They are very aware of that fact that no matter what activity you are involved with, the potential for eye injuries is there. You only have two eyes and it isn’t like you can go to the eye shop at the mall and buy a new one if a fish hook tears one in half, so you need to protect them.

Wiley X builds all of their lenses and frames to meet ANSI Z87.1 safety standards. One of the tests they perform involves dropping a 1.1-pound pointed projectile from a height of 50 inches onto their frames and lenses. That way when you set the hook and miss a fish, you can rest assured knowing that the half-ounce bullet weight that’s flying towards your face is not going to shatter your lenses and destroy your eyeball.

The Wiley X Static model is available with standard lenses or with Polarized Smoke Green lenses for better vision and less eye fatigue when light is reflecting off of the water. Wiley X’s Filter 8 polarized lenses are manufactured using eight layers of lens technology. This process provides optimum vision on and off the water. Anytime you are fishing in an area that is loaded with submerged targets, the better your lenses, the more likely you will be to see them. The more of these targets you can accurately cast to, the more likely you are to catch fish from them.

Another option that is not available from other eyewear manufactures is the ability to get your Static frames fitted with prescription lenses. Sometimes you just don’t want to deal with dry eyes and all of the hassles associated with wearing your contact lenses, just so you can wear a quality pair of sunglasses. In cases like this, it is wonderful that you now can wear a great pair of sunglasses fitted with your prescription lenses and have the same clear vision.

Made with lightweight materials, the Wiley X Static’s frames are very comfortable too. They don’t feel like a lead weight sitting on your face all day. As any angler and especially a tournament fisherman knows, this is crucial to a good day on the water. Being distracted by uncomfortable and often painful glasses can really affect your ability to concentrate and catch fish.

Anyone that says buying high-quality polarized glasses is not worth the money because you can get some that are just as good for $30 at the big box stores is absolutely wrong. You are simply not going to get the same lens quality, UV protection, polarization, impact resistance, and overall quality by purchasing some discount eyewear.

So if you are like me and want a very high-quality pair of polarized sunglasses, that offer superior eye protection, but don’t make you look like you are wearing some giant pair you stole from your grandma, grab a pair of Wiley X Statics. They are available in flat black and pearl white. You will be able to wear them fishing all day and wear them out on the town while still looking good. Check them out today at www.WileyX.com.

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