The Casio Pro Trek Watch in the Field and on the Water


When I was asked to field test the new Casio Pro Trek PRG270 watch I agreed, but was a bit skeptical. Over the years, I have owned a lot of watches, and they inevitably end up broken and waterlogged sitting in a drawer someplace in the house collecting dust. For me, a watch, like my shotgun or fishing rod, has to be able to stand up to the rigors and abuse of  hunting and fishing some of the most rugged and diverse ecosystems that our country has to offer. I have been on a quest for years to find that one watch that I can wear when I am hunting flooded timber for waterfowl, kayaking in salt marsh for redfish, or wading rough rivers for trout. The proper equipment can make the difference between success and failure.

The Casio Pro Trek watch has loads of fun and useful features. One of the main features that I enjoyed was that it is solar-powered (Casio lauds the watch as being “powered by light”), and the battery lasts for an extremely long time. Exposure to light will recharge the battery, but it is rated to last up to nine months without any further exposure to sunlight. There is also a display on the watch that shows the current battery life.

As an avid hunter, I often find myself getting to my spot before there is much or any sunlight. This watch has a nice LED backlight for those dark mornings, and it also has capabilities to show sunrise and sunset times for specific dates. This was very useful when out in the field. This is something that most smartphones are capable of, but I have found out too many times that phones usually do not get any reception or service in the areas that I like to hunt and fish. I have had a few phones busted from taking them out into rugged areas, but this watch had no problems.

The benefits to wearing a watch over taking a phone are huge. The watch is comfortable and can take a great deal of punishment. Most of the time that I am walking out to a spot I have my arms full between gear and my firearm, or a tackle box and a fishing rod. It can be very annoying to have to set everything down and get into my pocket just to see what time it is. This is why I choose to wear a watch.

The Casio Pro Trek can do a lot of great things. It has a digital compass and thermometer, and it can read your current altitude. People who like to be thorough when it comes to hunting and fishing may enjoy the thermometer, barometer, and altimeter to log the conditions in which they see the most success. It can be helpful to better your odds for filling tags or stringers. For anglers who like to get into the water a lot while fishing, have no fear. This watch can take on being completely submerged and it is extremely water-resistant.

The last few features that I found useful are simple, but they are must-haves. These include five alarms, a stopwatch and countdown timer, a full digital calendar, and 31 time zones to set to. This is an impressive and rugged watch. I highly recommend it to all hunters and anglers. The Casio Pro Trek is great for the field, but it is also good for daily use. It has all of the features that you could ask for in one lightweight and comfortable package.


As far as quality is concerned, this watch gets top marks. I really cannot think of anything negative about this watch’s quality. It is durable, lightweight, and well-made. The features are fantastic, and it looks great.


While I never dove to 100 meters in the ocean while wearing this watch, I did get it wet and roughed it up plenty. It took all I put it through without any issues. The battery life was always reliable, and I love the solar charging capability.


Anybody with a good watch knows that they can get extremely pricey. The Casio Pro Trek goes for only $180. This is very affordable for a watch of this caliber. I have seen watches way inferior to the Pro Trek sell for more than $250.


It’s great. Find it, buy it, and enjoy it!

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