Traditions Pursuit Ultralight Muzzleloader


I have had my current muzzleloader for years now.  After it failed to fire at the largest buck I have ever seen, I decided I needed a change.

I spent the next few months shopping around and talking with a variety of people about the new styles and brands of blackpowder rifles available. A lot of information can be obtained this way and via the internet. However, I am a hands-on kind of guy. I need to pick up a gun and see for myself how well it is made. Window shopping does not allow for handling. Hands-on experience is definitely required to test balance and fit.

My oldest son and I finally decided on a .50 caliber Traditions Pursuit Ultralight in black along with the scope.

In shooting the firearm, I find it to be very well-made, solid, and simply great quality. The stock is light and the butt is padded. It was like driving a new car off the lot.

I decided to purchase the firearm with the scopes already mounted. I was a little skeptical. I assumed that it would be way off-target and it would take a lot of time to dial it in. I was completely wrong. The scope was very close to spot-on at 50 yards.

I find most muzzleloaders a nuisance to clean because there is simply no easy way to accomplish this. The Pursuit breaks at the breach to re-load or unload or for ease of cleaning when necessary.

All in all, it’s a top-notch product. I am certain I will return for a third Traditions muzzleloader when my youngest son is ready for one.

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