As a hunter and an outdoorsman, convenience in the field goes a long way. We’re all familiar with the large amount of gear necessary for every hunt, and it can be quite overwhelming at times. Gloves, hat, cell phone, wallet . . . the list goes on and on.

This hunting season, I put on a Sportsman SCOTTeVEST, and it made all of my hunts a whole lot easier.

The Sportsman SCOTTeVEST  is the ideal hunting vest for every hunter, no matter what game you’re pursuing. I wore this vest on several hunts this season, and it was so handy.

The first thing that stood out to me are all the pockets in this thing. You know how it is, the outdoors is unpredictable and has a funny way of catching you off-guard. This vest helps keep you organized so you know where everything is, right when you need it. With 24 pockets, this vest is built to conveniently hold and conceal any and all the gear you need for your various hunts.

Sportsman SCOTTeVEST

Sportsman SCOTTeVEST

There’s a spot for everything in this vest; there’s even pockets inside the pockets! I love being able to keep everything separated so I can find whatever I need, whenever I need it. One of the coolest features is inside the sunglasses pocket: an attached lens cleaner, which allows you to keep your glasses, scope, or camera lens clean when you’re in the field. Plus, the rag doubles as a map of the vest, showing where every pocket is located. Clever!

Sportsman SCOTTeVEST

The vest is great for upland bird hunting, but I also wore it bowhunting, too. It has blaze-orange flaps on the front and back that you can unfold when gun hunting, or you can tuck them away, depending on your hunt.

At first, I expected to wear the vest for upland hunting only. However, when I discovered the convenience of being able to carry all my gear with me in one article of clothing, I didn’t want to go outdoors without it.

As a deer hunter, I normally carry a backpack with me, but it sometimes gets to be too bulky, and takes up too much space in the tight quarters of my treestand. When I wear a SCOTTeVEST in the woods, I leave my backpack behind.

Sportsman SCOTTeVEST

Sportsman SCOTTeVEST

Sportsman SCOTTeVEST
Everything from the above photos fits comfortably inside the vest

My SCOTTeVEST has already been on a lot of good hunts with me this year: chasing grouse and woodcock through aspen thickets in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, shooting my first buck with my bow, and an awesome pheasant hunt with my brother and my dad. This was only the first of many hunting seasons with my SCOTTeVEST, and it certainly won’t be the last. If you’re an outdoorsman, or looking for a Christmas gift for your outdoorsman, you have to get a Sportsman SCOTTeVEST.

Sportsman SCOTTeVEST
The author on a pheasant hunt with his dad, brother, and good friend (Ace and Hank are the two dogs)

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  1. This is an interesting article of clothing , ……BUT …..The author does not give a style number , or any information to to locate the vest . The manufacturer’s web site doesn’t list the vest shown . .Is it too new ,out of production , or is SCOTTeVEST ashamed to admit they carry clothing used by hunters ?

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