Video: Vegan Goddess Can’t Resist Wild Game


Spring means turkey hunting and fishing for millions of hunters and anglers from coast to coast, and it also means the weather is nice enough to grill outdoors. It doesn’t matter whether you’re serving up venison backstraps or burgers from last fall’s whitetail, it’s critical to have the right grill for the job.

As shown in the clever video below (spoiler alert: the kid yelling for his dad at the 1:12 mark is classic), the Woodwind Grill & Smoker (above) by Camp Chef does such an amazing job on everything from burgers to brisket that it can turn a vegan goddess into a carnivore.

Enjoy the video and then check out the Woodwind Grill & Smoker.

Editor’s cooking tip: The Grill God in this video would agree with our advice when it comes to grilling venison steaks: Don’t overcook! The words “medium well” have no place in a backyard steak feast. As the photo above shows, it’s called red meat for a reason.

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