Best of the Big Game Bullets, Part 1 of 4: Nosler AccuBond


I’ve killed more big game animals with the Nosler AccuBond than any other bullet. There is a reason for that – it’s because I hunt with the bullets I trust the most. Here is just a partial list of several one-shot kills I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing with the Nosler Accubond.

ANIMAL                       DISTANCE                    CARTRIDGE                 BULLET WEIGHT

Pronghorn Buck          416 yards                    243 Winchester          90 grains

Whitetail Doe             35 yards                      257 Roberts                110 grains

Mule Deer Buck          318 yards                    264 Win Mag              130 grains

Black Bear                   130 yards                    30 Rem AR                  150 grains

Waterbuck                  139 yards                    308 Winchester          165 grains

Sable                           148 yards                    308 Winchester          165 grains

Bull Moose                  222 yards                    308 Winchester          165 grains

Red Stag                      269 yards                    300 Win Mag              180 grains

Eland                           118 yards                    338 Win Mag              225 grains

I don’t list these animals to brag, but to demonstrate that my experience with this bullet isn’t just limited to a few hunts, with a single or just a few cartridges. In all, I’ve taken more than 20 big game animals with an AccuBond and seen many more put down cleanly.

The author’s son (left) took this good-size kudu bull using a 165-grain Nosler AccuBond at a distance of 465 yards.

The AccuBond is generally a very accurate bullet. This is because the core is void free. AccuBond bullets also shoot very flat; they have a high ballistic coefficient for their weight, which is helped by a pointy white tip. These are both desirable features of a big game bullet, but what I really like about the AccuBond is how it balances expansion, erosion and penetration.

The AccuBond needs to impact at about 1,800 fps to show meaningful expansion. When it does, it will retain about 70-85 percent of its weight, and it will penetrate to about the same depth as the famous Nosler Partition. It dumps a good bit of energy during initial penetration to help put animals down fast, but it also penetrates deep because the core is bonded to the jacket to prevent excessive weight loss and over expansion.

It took the author (right) seven trips to Africa to finally get a waterbuck. He didn’t want to leave anything to chance on that hunt, so he chose an AccuBond.

I don’t always choose an AccuBond bullet for hunting because in some specific cases I think there are equal or better options. However, if you’re looking for a one-bullet answer for hunting just about anything in the world, the Nosler AccuBond is a solid choice.

This Nosler AccuBond was recovered from a bull moose, taken with a 308 Winchester at just the other side of 200 yards.
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