Tough Hunting Bullet + Match-Grade Accuracy = Federal Premium’s New Edge TLR


If you ever dreamed of combining a tough, bonded hunting bullet and a match-grade accurate projectile without sacrificing any aspect of performance, then you’ll be pleased to learn about Federal Premium’s latest load, the Edge TLR.

The all-new Edge TLR bullet design is based off Federal Premium’s proven Trophy Bonded Tip, which originated from the famed Trophy Bonded Bear Claw and Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer solid. While each of these ammo lines differ, they share Federal Premium’s proven history of being some of the most effective cartridges on the market for hunters.

The Edge TLR continues this tradition. Its bullet has a tapered jacket, bonded lead core, and long, solid copper rear shank to give shooters that bone-crushing performance they need for any hunting situation. In other words, the bullet retains its weight for consistent, lethal penetration at any range. Yes, ANY range. Unlike other long-range “hunting” bullets that can fail to perform on impact at lower velocities, the Edge TLR mushrooms as designed at close, mid and long ranges.

The Edge TLR mushrooms well at all ranges/bullet speeds. Shown above left is the upset at 2,348 fps; right is at 2,757 fps. Both bullets would penetrate deep into an animal and leave a large exit hole.

Its match-grade features include a secant ogive and AccuChannel groove technology for outstanding long-range ballistics. Its boat-tail angle and length are optimized for peak ballistic coefficient and stability. The bullet’s Slipstream polymer tip uses the exclusive hollow-core Slipstream polymer tip, which features a small cavity running the length of the shank all the way to just below the point itself for better aerodynamics and accuracy. The tip’s hollow-cavity design also helps initiate expansion to ensure expansion at long range when the bullet is slowing down.

The sleek-looking black-nickel finish on both the bullet and case delivers corrosion resistance. You can find the new Edge TLR in four initial offerings: 175-grain 308 Win., 175-grain 30-06 Spring., 200-grain 300 Win. Mag. and 200-grain 300 Win. Short Mag.

For more info, click here and check out the video below.

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