Lightning Look: Steiner ShadowQuest 8×56 Binocular


For big game hunters from coast to coast — and especially those who pursue tall-tined whitetail bucks — the 30 minutes before and after sunset are critical. Depending on the time of year and current weather conditions, it can sometimes be quite difficult for hunters to get a good look at a buck, bull or bruin.

For example, during early archery deer season, when trees are still covered with leaves, trying to count points on a buck that is moving through the shadows deep in the forest is a challenge — especially a half-hour before sunrise or after sunset. Throw in heavy cloud cover and a light rain or mist, and the ability to see game clearly is almost impossible.

That is, unless you’re carrying Steiner’s new ShadowQuest 8×56 binocular.

Steiner’s latest developments in binocular technology are the result of 70 years of optical development and innovation. With maximum light transmission (96-plus percent) coupled with Diamond Night lens coatings, the ShadowQuest 8×56 provides superior clarity during every minute of legal hunting time, no matter the conditions.

For a glimpse of the many incredible features on the Steiner ShadowQuest 8×56 binocular, check out the Lightning Look below.

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