Video: Simple and Effective Way to Protect Your Binoculars


When it comes to our hunting equipment, I think it’s fair to say we all want to purchase the nicest and highest quality gear our budget will allow. This is especially true with optics, and the difference in glass with good optics is noticeable instantly.

Think of the amount of time you spend glassing in just one season and then compare two or three binos side by side. The difference is undeniable, and after you get a taste of high-end glass, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch earlier.

So, here’s how I justify spending the cash. If you take care of your things, a good binocular should easily last you a lifetime. It can even be passed down to your son or daughter. When looking at it as an investment, that big chunk of change can be justified a little easier over time, and it can truly make a difference on what you see or do not see.

I’m extremely hard on gear, so I’m always looking for easy ways to protect things without a causing a lot of trouble or extra effort. What is the best way to protect an investment in top-notch optics?

For years, I’ve always used some sort of bino buddies because I like having my bino right on my chest and always at the ready. However, one major problem I faced was belly crawling up on game and then dragging my expensive bino through the dirt, mud or snow. After looking into numerous different products on the market, I found the S4 Gear Lockdown X Bino Harness.

As the video above shows, this system provides the ease and reliability of having a bino harness, but it also protected the optic when not in use.  Not only did I find this extremely helpful when belly crawling, but also when the weather gets bad.  The S4 Gear harness keeps the rain and snow out of your bino lenses regardless of the weather conditions.

I love knowing that my bino is clean and dry at all times, plus the glass can be easily accessed with just one hand (below). This is helpful because most of the time I have a bow or gun in one hand, so the ease of use makes this the perfect solution to keeping my optic in tip-top condition both long and short term.

In the end, regardless of what type of bino you have or want to purchase, give some thought as to what you’re doing to protect the optic to keep it in the best condition possible.

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