Food Plot Field Test: Whitetail Institute Winter-Greens and Double-Cross


Consider this short article a tease for a larger review to come. This past weekend I was on my hunting property in South Dakota, and in addition to checking scouting cams, I visited my 1-acre food plot that my father-in-law, Marlin (shown in the photo above), and I planted with Whitetail Institute Winter-Greens (two-thirds of the field) and Double-Cross (one-third).

In the photo below, I’m checking out the Winter-Greens portion of the field back on August 12, which is about 3 weeks after we planted. As you can see, it got off to a great start.

The author back on August 12, about 3 weeks after planting Whitetail Institute Winter-Greens.

Well, timely rains in the area have continued to make for great growing conditions, and the field is now thick with massive and lush brassicas (below). The local whitetails have so much to each this year that they haven’t started to nibble on the Winter-Greens, which is just fine. I know for a fact (previous experience with Winter-Greens) that the deer will begin hammering it after the first frost, meaning our bowhunting around this food plot will be amazing from October through December.

The author’s father-in-law checks out the growth on Whitetail Institute Winter-Greens.

The portion of the field planted in Double-Cross, which is a blend of Imperial Whitetail Clover and brassicas, is also doing well. The clover is looking great (below), and the brassicas are growing like crazy. There are many deer tracks in the clover, so I know deer are visiting it regularly.

Whitetail Institute Double-Cross includes Imperial Whitetail Clover and brassicas.

I have a ladder stand overlooking this portion of the food plot, and there’s a good chance I’ll sit there on the afternoon of opening day (Sept. 23, 2017). Besides attracting whitetails this fall, the clover portion of my food plot will be a magnet for turkeys come spring.

After archery season gets rolling, I’ll be sure to report back with deer activity around this field. And hopefully that update will include a pic of me with a mature buck. Good luck this deer season!

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