Review Video: EEZE Steps for Safely Getting In and Out of Big Boats


Through the years, I have had fishing buddies break arms, legs and their feelings from spills occurring when getting into or out of a boat. This past spring, I also took one of those spills that resulted in cracking three ribs. Not good!

This painful act was the final straw, and I took to finding something that would make getting in and out of my boat easier and safer.

After finding out about EZEE Steps, I made a phone call to provide them with a couple measurements to make sure they fit my rig properly without interfering with both my boat and truck. As you’ll see in the video below, they work perfectly. Do yourself a favor before next fishing season and install them on your trailer.

Editor’s note: Capt. Ross Robertson of Bigwater Guide Service and his crew provide educational guide trips for monster walleyes and smallmouth bass. The Bigwater team fishes ice-out to ice-up on the Great Lakes, spending the majority of the year on Lake Erie’s western and central basins.

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