Underwater Video: Ice Fishing Guru Brian “Bro” Brosdahl’s Secret for Catching Finicky Fish


Anyone can catch fish when they’re snapping, but you sometimes must pull out all the stops when they’re finicky.

One amazing tool for putting more fish on the ice is an underwater camera. Check out the video below where Brian “Bro” Brosdahl demonstrates his technique for “down-viewing” with his Aqua-Vu HD underwater camera system. It works great for perch, sunfish and any other species that is relating to bottom.

FYI: The Aqua-Vu HD camera comes in two screen sizes, 7-inch and 10-inch, and HD Pro models are available as well, which have every feature you can think of (and some you probably haven’t).

Here’s an idea: If you get a Cabela’s gift card or simply cash for Christmas, treat yourself to a nice gift to begin 2018 and buy an Aqua-Vu HD!

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