Anker Powercore 20100: An Outdoorsmen’s Sleek Charging Solution


For today’s avid outdoorsman or adventure seeker, a reliable power source is key. Whether skiing the backcountry or camping in a national park, having access to fully charged devices is essential for navigation and safety. Anker has historically been a leading producer of impressive charging tools, and the Anker Powercore 20100 is no exception.

This lightweight, reliable charging system can provide the power you need while traversing the wild. Simply throw it in your pack and go.


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High-Speed Charging for Multiple Devices 

With so many USB charging options on the market, Anker truly goes beyond with this model. Its high-speed charging operates through a PowerIQ and VoltageBoost system, providing seven phone charges. The double charging ports allow you to plug in two devices at once, and this sophisticated system offers surge and short circuit protection. And once the power kicks, this Powercore model can recharge itself completely in just 10 hours.

The Anker Powercore 20100 packs all of this punch in just a 12.5oz system. Its slim, narrow design is simple to pack or store in an exterior pocket. The matte finish prevents smudging and scratches, retaining its condition. For complete ease of travel, this lightweight model is easy to stash and forget about until you need it.

 Along with the charger, Anker throws in a travel pouch, micro USB cable, and welcome guide for instruction.


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This Year’s Outdoor Essential  

Today’s outdoor enthusiasts have access to adventure technology like never before. As you unplug and immerse yourself in the wild, you can still enjoy the security that a portable charger provides.

By adding the Anker Powercore 20100 to your gear list, you can commit to your overall outdoor preparedness. This charging technology can exponentially boost your safety, allowing you to navigate and communicate as needed. Whether you are an outdoor adventure guide or novice trekker, this Powercore model can take your outdoor experience to the next level.

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