Ravin Crossbow: R9 Review


If there’s one crossbow that’s really unlike any other crossbow on the market, it’s the Ravin R9.  This is designed to be one of the most high performance crossbows on the market today, and the result of that is that it commands a premium price.  But of course, the old saying goes that you get what you pay for, so do you get what you pay for with the Ravin crossbow?  Let’s find out.


What Is Ravin Crossbows?

Ravin crossbows are often regarded as being some of the highest quality crossbows on the market.  The Ravin crossbow is primarily designed for hunting rather than competition or tactical use, and they employ some of the most experienced and talented engineers in the industry.

Their products do fetch a high price as was just noted, but if you’re looking for a crossbow that is powerful, accurate, stealthy, and built out of high quality and long lasting materials all at the same time, Ravin produces the products that you just may be looking for.  The Ravin R9 in particular represents one of their best options.


What Makes The Ravin R9 Crossbow Unique?

There’s a very specific reason the Ravin R9 is a very unique crossbow, and it has nothing to do with its sleek and modern looking design.

Rather, it has to do with its technology.  The Ravin crossbow utilizes what is called the ‘HeliCoil technology,’ which is definitely an original and unique design in the crossbow world.

How the HeliCoil technology works is a spiraling groove runs up the rail anchor two system cables.  This is unique because it removes the necessity to feed the cables through the rail’s slots, which is how most other crossbows work.  In other words, the cables do not travel on the same plane, and they won’t overwrap themselves either.

What this means for you is there is no pressure on the cable or on the limbs, which permits the extremely narrow axle to axle measurement (around just six inches when the weapon is primed and ready to shoot), and also prevent excessive wear on the cable (essentially creating a much longer lasting crossbow).


Performance of the Ravin R9

The HeliCoil system of the Ravin crossbow means that you can attain a cam rotation of three hundred and forty degrees, whereas two hundred and seventy degrees is much more commonplace.

Furthermore, the Ravin R9 can produce a total velocity of three hundred and ninety feet per second when in use with a four hundred grain bolt, which equates to around one hundred and thirty five feet per pounds of kinetic energy.

This kind of technology, especially when paired with the one hundred yard scope that is shipped with this Ravin crossbow, means that you will have a very deadly and efficient hunting weapon when out in the field, and it is more than capable of bringing down big North American game such as deer or elk.  What more could you ask for?

Something that Ravin also recommends in order to attain maximum performance with the R9, or with any other Ravin crossbow, is to hold onto the weapon with a relaxed grip.  In other words, you want to hold onto the weapon a little loosely rather than tightly when firing.

Even if that many sound contradictory to attaining truly optimum shooting performance, the truth is that the Ravin R9 will react negatively to over gripping.  Therefore, if you really want to attain precise and accurate performance out of the R9 (which it is certainly more than capable of thanks to its HeliCoil technology that we just discussed), it will be better to relax yoru hold onto the weapon when getting ready to shoot.


What You Get In The Package

When you buy the Ravin R9 Crossbow, you’ll receive each of the following contents:

  • The Ravin R9 Crossbow
  • Ravin Bolts x6
  • Illuminated Ravin Scope (100 yards)
  • Quicker and Mounting Brackets
  • Sling Mounts
  • Versa Draw Cocking Handle
  • Field Points x6



Here are some of the basic specs of the Ravin R9 Crossbow:

  • Power Strike: 13 inches
  • Draw Weight: 195 pounds
  • Overall Length: 34.5 inches
  • Energy (Kinetic) 135 feet per pound
  • Overall Velocity: 390 feet per second



In conclusion, Ravin crossbows such as the R9 represent some of the most innovative crossbows on the market.  It may be an expensive crossbow, but it’s also a fully American made product and one of the most innovative and unique crossbows on the market thanks to its advanced HeliCoil technology that helps keep the cams perfectly well balanced.

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