Choosing the Best Ground Blind for Bow Hunters


While hunting always involves an element of stealth, bow hunting, by its very nature often involves even more stealth. Below, we talk about some of the best ground blind options for bow hunters.

The limited effective range of a bow or crossbow when compared to even primitive firearms requires getting closer to your quarry than most hunters. For many bow hunters, the skill and woodsmanship to get that close to game is a big part of the allure. For others, it is simply figuring out how to effectively bow hunt.

While there are many stealthy tools in a bow hunter’s inventory, ranging from sophisticated camouflage, to scent blocking clothing, one of the most effective tools is a ground blind.

Ground blinds take camouflage to a new level. A good ground blind gives you a sheltered place to sit and wait for your prey, protecting you from unpleasant weather, and providing a more complete camouflage. Of course not all ground blinds are created equal. Some are little more than fancy tents with an indifferent camouflage coloring, and no real concern given to weight, ease of assembly, or even comfort in drawing a bow.

In fact, those are three real considerations when looking at a ground blind. Many common ground blinds won’t achieve all of these. While many are easy to assemble and lightweight, most are built for hunters with firearms, and may not have the interior space to be as maneuverable as one purpose built for bow hunters.

However, the Mantis 2 ground blind for bow hunters is purpose built for the unique needs of bow hunters everywhere. First and foremost, it is designed to actually allow the hunter to fully draw their bow inside the blind. This seemingly straight forward design requirement is oddly missing in a lot of ground blinds, even though it would be a seemingly simple thing to ensure when designing a ground blind.

It is also a very lightweight blind. While folks who haul their gear in on ATV’s or don’t have far to travel from where they park their vehicle, sometimes the best bow hunting opportunities are a long hike into the woods, and ounces matter. The Mantis 2 ground blind is advertised as being up to 50 percent lighter than other hub style blinds, and can be erected in mere minutes. It includes multiple tie down points as well, ensuring that you can secure it for any kind of weather you’d be out hunting in.

Along with being light in weight, and easy to assemble, the Mantis 2 is also designed with the needs of bow hunters in mind. One needs more room to draw a bow than they do to simply shoulder a rifle, and the Mantis 2 ground blind for bow hunters has been carefully engineered to allow for the kind of interior space needed to engage in drawing a bow. And with 38 square feet of interior space, it’s still got room for a comfortable chair, cooler, and your backpack.

Why Choose the Mantis 2 Ground Blind?

It’s pretty easy to see that not all ground blinds for bow hunters are created equal. The Mantis 2 however, actually tries to make access to hunting more equal. Actually designed to be wheelchair accessible, it is ideal for disabled hunters who might not be able to access other ground blinds. The peaked design of the roof is designed to better shed snow and rain, while the overall design and camouflage coloring breaks up the outline of the blind, making it ideal around easily spooked game. The windows can be easily shot through, and also help break up the outline of the ground blind.

The Mantis 2 ground blind is also inexpensive. Retailing for just under $200, it is an affordable solution that neatly fits between cheaper, and less functional ground blinds, and more expensive models that add little or no real benefit to the bow hunter.

Other Ground Blinds

As you can see, we are fond of the Mantis 2 ground blind. But there are a couple other blinds worth mentioning. The Primos Double Bull Shack has room for two hunters, and doesn’t cost much more than the Mantis 2. It might be a bit nicer than the Mantis 2, but honestly unless you need something designed for two hunters in mind, you might as well save the $50.

On the cheap end of the spectrum you can always get a blind that is little more than a fancy tent. It works for the most part, and that’s about all that can be really said about these lower end sorts of blinds. But, hunting should be accessible to people from all walks of life, and if you can’t afford a fancier, or higher end blind, there is no shame in buying the one you can afford.

There are all sorts of ground blinds for bow hunters, but only one Mantis 2 ground blind, and frankly, there is no reason not to get one. Heck, even rifle hunters will love it!

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