Haley Strategic Flatpack: The Best Get Home Bag?


You may have a bug out bag, but do you have a get home bag? If your answer is no, kick your feet up and read on to find out which is the best get home bag available. You never know when one could save your life.

First, let’s cover what a ‘get home bag’ is. . .

Basically, a get home bag is a smaller bag of survival items that you keep in your vehicle at all times. If a disaster ever strikes that leaves you cut off from home and unable to travel any farther in your vehicle, you would then grab your get home back and carry it with you, with the items inside the bag being used to help you get back home through a chaotic city.

For example, you could carry a knife, a flashlight, a small first aid kit, water bottle, granola bars, and some paracord in your get home bag to help get you by.

What’s important is that your get home bag be very small, compact, and lightweight to allow you to move quickly through the city as you try to make it back home. It shouldn’t be a big and heavy bag designed to enable you to survive for several days or weeks like a full bug out bag should.

If you would agree that having a get home bag in your possession would be smart, you should know that you should put the same level of thought into selecting a get home bag just like you should into a bug out bag.

With that in mind, we firmly believe Haley Strategic offers quite possibly the best get home bag on the market:

Haley Strategic Partners, abbreviated as HSP, is based out of Arizona and have been in business since 2011. The FlatPack was first introduced in mid-2015 and has proven to be one of their most popular products.

This is a very versatile pack that is small enough to be carried easily without weighing or slowing you down. At the same time, it has a modular design that makes it expandable so you can carry more items if needed. In a flat state, the FlatPack has a capacity of two hundred cubic inches. But when expanded, this increases to six hundred cubic inches.

Haley Strategic Flatpack: The Best Get Home Bag?

The bag also only weighs one pound, so it’s very lightweight.  It is built out of 500D Cordura, which is a very weather resistant and durable material.

The Flatpack is comprised of three separate compartments: the main, admin, and flat compartment. The main compartment can expand to three times its normal size to even hold clothes if you need it too. The admin compartment, though much smaller, can also expand to twice its normal size. The flat compartment is ideal for carrying items that you need quick access to, such as matches or a notebook.

Something else that is unique about the Flatpack is the fact that it has two set of zippers to help compress the bag into its flat state. One zipper will be used to compress the main compartment, while the other zipper is used to compress the admin compartment.

One negative to the Haley Strategic Flatpack, if we are being honest, is that it lacks padding like other bags in its class. This is designed to help make the bag compress or expand as far as possible, but it means that you’re sacrificing comfort as well as the ability to help keep fragile items protected. There’s a trade off to everything, right?

At the very least, it’s something to keep in mind.

All in all, the Haley Strategic Flatpack would make a great get home bag, though it could also easily be utilized as a pack for a shorter hiking trip or even as a smaller version of your bug out bag if you wanted to, since it can expand to three times its normal size.

A get home bag is seriously something you should consider if you haven’t invested in one already, and if you do decide that you’d like to keep a get home bag in your vehicle, there’s simply no question that the Haley Strategic Flatpack is the best get home bag on the market.

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