Choosing the RIGHT Igloo Backpack Cooler for Your Outdoor Adventure


Sometimes when going for a hike, or even just to the park, you’re going to want to keep drinks or perishable food kept cold. Now, there are several portable coolers on the market ranging from cheap throwaway foam boxes, to high-end, expensive coolers that are almost as much a lifestyle choice as they are a way to keep food cold. Enter the Igloo Backpack Cooler. . .

But none of those really address the fact that most coolers, while portable, are not all that easy to transport by hand over long distances.

That is where the Igloo backpack cooler comes into play:

When one thinks of coolers and drinks, they are probably thinking beer or soda. After all, these are classic staples for outdoor recreational activities, but Igloo offers a more sophisticated backpack cooler for folks who prefer wine over beer. Designed to carry two bottles of wine, the tools to open them, and even some snacks to go with, the Igloo Daytripper is designed for folks who want to enjoy some chilled wine without all the hassle of lugging a bulky cooler around.

This may very well be the best way to enjoy a bottle of nice wine in the middle of the woods!

The Gizmo Igloo backpack cooler is really a great day pack, especially if you are traveling with one or two other people. It’s large enough to carry 32 standard beverage cans, a second insulated outer pocket, and outside accessory pockets for various small sundry items.

Igloo Cooler Backpack
Igloo Coolers

This is also great cooler for hunting trips, as one person could carry all the chilled food and drinks for the whole party- or if you are hunting upland game birds, carry your kills without risk of them spoiling before you get back to your camp or vehicle.

Anyone who has ever spent much time on boats or on the water knows that keeping food and drinks cold can be problematic. Larger cruisers and sailboats may have built in galleys with refrigerators, or they may just have a fancy built in icebox. Smaller or older boats often offer no such amenities, and you’ll never find them in something like a canoe or a runabout. Of course the usual solution is to just pack a cooler with you, but even that falls short, especially if the cooler isn’t designed for a marine environment. Eventually your cooler will just break down when exposed to salt water, and the hard use that comes with anything on a boat. However, the Marine Ultra Switch Igloo backpack cooler addresses all these issues.

Igloo Cooler Backpacks
Igloo Coolers

Handy like a backpack, effective as a cooler, and built for marine use, this may be just what you need for your next boating trip.

One last Igloo backpack cooler to look at, is the waterproof Sportsman backpack.

Igloo Cooler Backpacks
Igloo Coolers

Designed to be waterproof and assembled using all welded materials for maximum strength and waterproofing, the Sportsman features a timeless, almost retro design, and is built to hold up to hard and regular use. Perfect for carrying to sporting events, hauling drinks and food on a remote job site, or just for the family that plays hard in the dirt and outdoors, this might be the ultimate Igloo backpack cooler.

Choosing an Igloo Backpack Cooler

Backpack coolers are growing in popularity. Gone are the days when you have to drag a cooler into the woods or to the football field, or shove an awkwardly shaped foam box into a corner of your boat. Now you can simply select the right Igloo backpack cooler for your needs and go have fun!

We’ve looked at a number of different models of Igloo backpack coolers. Some are simple coolers built for carrying a small amount of drinks or food. But Igloo is smart enough to recognize different consumer needs, and have created a cooler just for wine drinkers, and one that should be welcomed by anyone who owns a boat and normally carries a cooler on board.

In other words, there should be an Igloo backpack cooler for any situation- and budget. That is the other amazing thing about these coolers, they are surprisingly affordable to downright cheap. Even the most expensive model is about $150, and makes a worthwhile investment. So really, if you need a new cooler, or a new daypack, why not think about combining the two, and getting the Igloo backpack cooler that fits your needs the best?

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