Here are the Top 5 Most Controversial Broadheads


Broadheads have certainly come a long way in their designs since man first used flint arrowheads to take down large game. Have some designs gone too far?We’ve come up with a list that features the top 5 most controversial broadheads available on the market today.

How it all got started

Just for some perspective, we start with an image that shows where broadheads started:

Controversial Broadheads
Image courtesy wikimedia


Now let’s see how they evolved through the years. See if you can notice any differences. .  .

Magnus  Bullhead Broadheads:

Controversial broadheads
Image courtesy Cabela’s


(WARNING: Some might find the video below disturbing; Viewer discretion is advised)

Toxic  6-Blade Fixed Broadheads:

Controversial broadheads

According to the manufacturer, the “Toxic” was given its name, for its lethal and deadly design, delivering deeper bone crushing penetration and silent flight, that even the most wary of game animals will never hear coming.

Blood Therapy  OCD Broadheads:

Controversial broadheads
Image courtesy Cabela’s

“Blood Therapy OCD Broadheads feature a unique circular blade design for maximum penetration. Circular blade rotates upon contact with bone, leading to less resistance and a higher percentage of pass through.”

Aerodynamic Solutions  Atom Razorwire Broadhead:

Image courtesy Amazon

With no wing like surface to create lift, these bladeless are deadly accurate.

Rexpid Broadheads:

Controversial Broadheads

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