Gear Hunter – Gatorz Eyewear


In 1989 a new breed of eyewear was born under one founding principal, create something as dependable and durable as the elite athletes and operators they are made for. The brand we are talking about is Gatorz Eyewear. Gatorz Eyewear has made a name for themselves over the past 3 decades by manufacturing eyewear with their signature aluminum frames, stylish designs, and attention to detail. Their passion for crafting durable and functional eyewear has made them the go to brand for many thrill seekers and special forces operators.

Originally designed for the motorcycle community, Gatorz driving force was to develop eyewear that could withstand high speeds, look cool, and still be comfortable. What they came up with was a departure from the typical bulky plastic frames. They made their glasses using aluminum frames which provided a number of benefits, most notably increased frame strength and a better fit under a helmet.

As the brand built a name for themselves in the motorcycle community, other adventure seekers began to take notice. Skydivers, base jumpers, and other risk takers began to recognize just how dependable these glasses were and adopted them to their pursuits. Decades of real world testing and proven reliability lead to Gatorz being used by Navy SEALs and many other special operations forces in the military. There really is no better testament to a products dependability then it’s use by those who can’t afford to have gear fail.

With unique designs, durable materials, and almost 30 years of testing under their belt, we think Gatorz would be a perfect addition to your next hunt or range trip. Take a look at some of the stand out features below. You can buy your own pair of Gatorz here



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